Day 2

Day 2
Today we went into the kitchen and watched the 2 chefs go insane. Between 9 am and noon they created at least a dozen different things, probably more. There were 4 things going on at once as they prepped many base sauces and condiments and we learned several techniques – sous vide, poaching in olive oil, how to cut and clean an octopus, a cuttlefish, a barracuda, risotto, prepping pumpkin for ravioli filling from the north and the south, base tomato sauce, elegant velvet tomato sauce, vegetable stock, etc, etc.
Here are a few pictures for you gaze upon. The black risotto was hard for me to get past, until I took the first bite- wonderful! Cuttlefish ink and cuttlefish cooked in olive oil and stock and a bit of homemade wine. Really, it put the other standard risotto to shame. Wish you could have smelled it. Oh yes, they prepared a few kilos of porcini mushrooms for us to see, they were divine. I think we blew thru an entire gallon of extra virgin olive oil today.
The weather has been chilly and overcast, good thing so we don’t feel bad about being inside. Oh, I forgot to mention the baked ricotta, holy cow it was good. One with honey and cinnamon, one with rosemary, and one with hot pepperoncino and cocoa coating the outside. Of course, I don’t know where I am going to get any ricotta of that quality, but I guess I’ll have to try.


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2 Responses to Day 2

  1. Mel says:

    You’re making me hungry! Wow – cleaning a squid! Baked ricotta sounds deee-lish. I’m so tickled for you to be experiencing this!

  2. Arleen Romano says:

    Hope it tastes great cause it sure looks like crap 🙂

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