All Quiet on the Western Front

It’s been a while since you heard from me and I happily have nothing to report, at least no calamities.  I spent my entire 4 days off doing absolutely nothing.  Well, I did lie in bed and read a few books and get up for meals and showers, but pretty much that was it. It was sunny, but the deck outside my room was as far as I could go. No walks, no hikes, no trips to the store, and no guilt.  I needed that space to reorder my thoughts and figure out where to go from here.  I mean, I am staying here, but where to go in my head.

I have seen an amazing amount of new things, learned that I know much more than I thought I did, and pretty much have figured out the human interactions here, as they pertain to me.  That helps tremendously.  

We had a short week of pizza and hearth bread and that was quite fun, particularly getting pizzas in and out of a very hot oven on a looooong stick. 🙂  There is a nice picture of me with my first successful pizza, third try, but it is on someone else’s camera.  I’ll try to get a copy and get it posted.

Perhaps this is a good time to reflect on the absurdities of some of the things I noticed here in my little corner of Italy.  the first item is the way fire extinguishers are handled here.  Kirsten made note of the fact that there were always placed in tall towers made completely of stone.  You have to wonder what might catch on fire up there, but you have to admire their vigilance.  Here is a photo of the one at the end of the hall in my hotel.  I wonder what exactly the plastic cover is protecting, and is removal of the plastic part fo the training program on how to use a fire extinguisher.

Here is an ad in this week’s Fred-Meyer-equivalent sales sheet.  Note the distinctly Italian whole rabbit for sale at the fabulous price of 4.40 euro per Kilo, and the endearing Mickey Mouse all Montana veal miniburgers (which come with a coupon for the new video game Epic Mickey), for a whopping 10.48 Euro per Kilo.  With what I have learned in class, I am assuming that the rabbit is so reasonably priced because there is no head included, in which we found the succulent brain (not) which we breaded and fried in olive oil. Whoops, that was the sheep’s head from which we got the brain, the rabbit produced the liver that we ate with risotto. Neither will be gracing any table at my house any time soon.

Weekend Sale Sheet

More Later,


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5 Responses to All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. Natalie says:

    Buon giorno, Marian: I am loving your blog! I wasn’t getting update notifications, (must not have signed up properly) but hopefully I have checked the correct box this time and the updates will start coming. Can’t wait to read more!! Ciao, Natalie

    • Natalie, how fun to hear from you. Glad you got signed up. I recieved a notice that you have subscribes, so I think you are in. How is life in SF? I will have to find a way there after my return to USA so we can share the stories.

      • Natalie says:

        Yes, you MUST find a way to visit SF once you are state-side again. And I MUST find a way to visit you when you are back in Alaska. For now, though, enjoy Italia! 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    OH! I’m SO glad you will be shying away from the sheeps and rabbits heads and brains!! In fact, I’m not even sure about leaving the rabbit whole, without a head………..
    Wait a second: I’m not eating rabbit!! Not any part of it!! YIKES!!

    • brains are off the list, but rabbit is pretty tasty. I used to raise rabbits and when I cooked them the first time Craig was a little boy. I mentioned what we were eating and he freaked out – “We’re eating the bunnies!!?” I quickly covered by telling him the were Hoppy Chickens, and no there were not the bunnies. He was about 19 when the truth was revealed. He was pretty stunned and still brings it up to me. 🙂

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