My Italian Home

It has been pretty quiet as we have another 3 day weekend and all the oung’uns are gone sightseeing.  It is not in my budget to travel every weekend and I am saving up for a 5 day trip to Pulgia, the family home of my mother’s side of the family.  I have already enjoyed quite a few dishes from that region and am anxious to really roll around in the cuisine.

Since I have no exciting stories for you I’ll show you a little bit of where I live. I know you will suffer no more whining from me after you see these.

My bedroom shared with Kristine


Are those quilts too funny, or what.  I had a double bed, so we took it apart and made 2 singles.  Note the classy plastic coffee table. 

Half of the french door


The sun comes flooding into the room at about 7:15 Am, what a joy to wake up to.  It was only a few days ago that it occurred to me that that is NOT the view I will have when I wake up at home.  I may need to consider rearranging my bedroom.  As soon as I get up I go outside on the large veranda to check out the weather.  Here are some shots from the veranda.




View of the ocean


How could Life be Better?


Finally, a good use for the bidet.

Pedicure time !


And finally – this is for the cousins.  Who does this remind you of?? Remember Happy?

Looks like Grandma's Cookie Jar


Ciao for now,


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5 Responses to My Italian Home

  1. Linda Anderson says:

    Who cares about the bed – the view is 5 star*****!

  2. Mel says:

    Ahhhhh….. city by the sea. Sigh…. I would love to sip on a glass of wine with you on the veranda! Let’s try to Skype again soon. Friday is the next day that we’ll be around mid-morning. Love you!

  3. Arleen says:

    Love your use of the bidet, will try that next time!!!!

  4. Patty Sullivan says:

    You seem all settled in and over the pinnacle of pain. Continue to soak in that sun and that vino. 75 mph winds here, egads

  5. Natalie says:

    WOW!!! The views from your veranda are breathtaking! I believe you are living in paradise?

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