I’d Be Lying…….

…..If I said I didn’t seriously think about going home the first hour on the new job. Not ‘cause it was more than I could do, but because my Italian is not that good, and Pepe didn’t speak a word of English, and he pretty much ignored me as he went about his business while I wondered what I was doing there because I didn’t understand that he told me that his brother would be in soon to direct me in the kitchen. I did get the word, brother though.
…..If I said I wasn’t bone tired –( stanca)- ‘cause I was on my feet all night on tile floors without the benefit of mats and I didn’t get much sleep the night before.
…..If I said that tonight wasn’t the nicest, most relaxed, totally fabulous night of my entire time here at the hotel, cause I came home to a clear sky, a giant moon and moonpath on the sea right up to the entrance to the hotel. The weather is so mild that I was in my PJ’s listening to the ocean lap the shore and drinking a glass of wine that is so cheap it basically came in a juice box, sans the straw.
….If I said that this is exactly the stage I was hoping for, but I know it is exactly the stage that I need-‘cause that is how it works.
….If I said I wasn’t relieved when a larger version of Pepe showed up, also no English and filled the kitchen with his presence and starting giving me jobs.
…..If I said I wasn’t eternally grateful for a friendly, young, Senegalese dishwasher who speaks, French, Senegalese, Italian and a fair amount of English.
…..If I said the five year old who is all over the kitchen, into everything, and basically a spoiled, “surprise 4th child” was annoying, because it is such a delight to be around a little one who performs for the family and is chatty and not afraid of me and so reminds me of my own 2 who grew up in the restaurant.
…..If I said I didn’t have a fabulous pizza tonight for dinner that was baked in a wood fired oven.
And, on top of all that, I learned two completely new recipes, one Neapolitan, one Sicilian and they were GOOD.


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3 Responses to I’d Be Lying…….

  1. Carol says:

    Yea! Enjoy!
    Alaska news: I’ve had the Spyder out for a month, streetsweepers have taken care of the gravel, it was a fabulous 40 degrees out yesterday afternoon with no wind, and Fred Meyer put out annuals yesterday – Yea Spring!
    miss you face.

  2. Nick S says:

    Good to year you got a placement to put all those new skills to use!

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