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A Quick Trip to the Market Today.

Photos Later, the computer is toooooo slooooooow for all that digital straming. Tall stacks of orange crates, all facing the customer. One cut open to show the world that the rind is only a few millimeters thick. Another one or … Continue reading

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Local politics

It’s the eve of election weekend, that’s right you get 2 days to vote and it is Saturday and Sunday. Campaigns are peaking as I can hear a megaphone from the town square blaring out someone’s message with passion and … Continue reading

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A Typical Day At Work

Long Hiatus. No explanation, maybe later.  For now, let’s just start here. I am supposed to be at work at 5 PM, but after a few weeks of timely arrivals it occurred to me that I could shave an entire … Continue reading

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