Local politics

The unlucky candidates?

My Boss, the candidate.

It’s the eve of election weekend, that’s right you get 2 days to vote and it is Saturday and Sunday. Campaigns are peaking as I can hear a megaphone from the town square blaring out someone’s message with passion and enthusiasm, and a healthy dose of “the situation is serious, the time to act is now” timber to the speech. I have no idea what the voice is saying, but I get the urgency. I don’t know if my boss is there, too tired to go to the square to find out. I hope he is not the one who speaks last tonight, at midnight, that fellow is really winding it up on the whinny wagon. I feel like I need to go down there and reassure him it is alright, life will go on even if he doesn’t win tomorrow.

On my way home from work I passed an even dozen young ragazzi obviously doing some last minute campaigning as they circled up their half dozen mini Fiats, all with the rear hatchback full open. They were laughing that tense, we’re doing something wrong but it’s fun, laugh as they worked in unison to plaster the 3’x5’ posters over the existing ones, wet long-handled brushes pasting them up as fast as their compatriots could slap one on the billboard. As I walked by another car pulled up and slowed to a stop in front of the scene. Perhaps he was checking out the candidates, or maybe something else, but before I had walked a half a block they packed it in and dashed off, each one of the tiny cars went flashing past me as I walked the last block home. It was a quarter to 11.
On Monday morning I strolled into town to buy my daily bread from my favorite shop. Nearly there, I stopped to snap this photo of the post election billboard. I cannot tell if this means there wasn’t time to paste up a new face so whiting out the old ones was as good as it gets, or if it indicated that those were the losers. No matter, by 4 PM the same day new posters were pasted over the whitewash proclaiming the arrival of the tourist season, funeral notices’ and upcoming local events. Life goes on.

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