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Goodbye to the South

Goodbye to cappacollo and spicy flat sausages. Goodbye to olive oil so dark and delicious that you put it on everything, including bread. Extra virgin olive oil so tasty, with a little back bite, that it is all you use to … Continue reading

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Just for a Minute….

  ……… I thought I was home. Looking out the window of the Frecciarossa fast train to Bologna, I was sort of nodding off and when I opened my eyes I saw a low flat body of still water, a little … Continue reading

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5 AM to 5 PM

I sleep with my doors open in the bedroom because up on the 5th floor the mosquitoes have given up or found their prey and never make it this high, also it is too warm if I close them.  Floor to … Continue reading

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How Hot Is It ?

Hot. Really hot. Stinkin’ Hot. Freakin’ Hot. If-you-were-born-in-Alaska-you-have-no-frame-of-reference, Hot(that includes you folks in Fairbanks). Hawaii-isn’t-even-close, Hot. Hotter than Hell. You-could-fry-an egg-on-the-cobblestones, hot. Of course, you would want to pour a little olive oil on the stones first because, well, the … Continue reading

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